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“We are truly grateful to all of our clients for letting us be a part of their search for balance and harmony"

 A.R.T. Consulting

"...clarity and freedom of hope..."

…Thank you so much for the energy you are both putting into this project. I am so thrilled that our paths have crossed. My grandfather once told me there are only a handful of people I will ever meet in my life (5 to this point) that are truly a pleasure to be with and that are committed to a project because of it's worth and the integrity of the relationship it brings. These people are so unfortunately few. . . but I love the rush of clarity and freedom of hope that comes from realizing I've found another. Our best to you both.  

Larry D., Sterling, MA

…Our consultation with you was valuable to us in many ways. The main thing for us is that it got us moving in many positive ways to create good changes in our home and in our lives. We are continuing to incorporate many of your ideas and suggestions, and have used them as a springboard for our own creativity in coming up with lots of ideas for ourselves. In that way, you did give us wings.

Joanna & Kenny R., Needham, MA

"...a springboard for creativity..."

"...helping to make the right decisions..."

…We all love the kitchen.  It is a wonderful space now with more room to move around and yet it’s the same size room.  Amazing!  Your help has been invaluable. Thank you for helping us to make the right decisions.

Meg M., Marshfield, MA

…I had the most wonderful call yesterday from my family.  They are truly looking forward to implementing your suggestions. I cannot thank you enough for facilitating this exciting opportunity for them; and making it easy for me to give the gift.  The essence of you comes through the telephone and your e-mails--your giving spirit and your sense of service is obvious.  And, as you have probably experienced in your work, there is nothing more satisfying that being part of someone's tomorrows.  Again, thank you so very much.  You have helped to make their Christmas special and my Christmas fulfilling.

Nancy O., Pleasant Hill, CA

"...being part of someone's tomorrows..."

"...different way of thinking..."

…Our meeting last Friday was wonderful.  Not only was it a pleasure in meeting both of you, but the initial ideas for the new office(s) are so much more than I hoped for. Thank you.   Then, all of the suggestions for how I sit and computer screen placement etc. are right on the mark.  My neck and upper back already feel better.  I came away from the meeting with a different way of thinking. I look forward to more. Thanks again.

Ron B., Boston, MA

…Thank you both for all the help you have given me.  Your guidance has given me more focus, clarity and peace of mind.  I certainly was given a special blessing when I called.  You not only inspired me, but gave me the courage to trust my own intuition and be able express my own energies.  I am grateful to both of you for your kindness, graciousness as well as practical and spiritual wisdom. Thank you.

Lalli M., Nashua, NH

"...focus, clarity and peace of mind..."

…Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.  I wish you great success because of all the joy and knowledge you bring to others.  God Bless. Sheila D., Portland, ME

…So glad we met each other – you bring comfort to my housing process and our life.  Thank you.  With love…      Mari C., Westford, MA 

…I want to thank you for bringing the beauty of Feng Shui into my life.  The effects of your suggestions are already tangible, both subtle and powerful. Thank you for bringing the blessings of your warmth and support into our life.  Julie B., Milford, PA