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Throughout years of study and practice, we have found the BTB school methods of Feng Shui to be the most effective. Our approach to Feng Shui relies on common sense and practical, easy-to-apply suggestions.

Feng Shui for Home

A comprehensive feng shui consultation is a multi-layered process. We ask you questions about your home, your life and goals you seek to accomplish.

Your answers offer us valuable information and insights as we start to create a personalized plan of how to bring application of feng shui into your life. 


We touch upon all aspects of your life including motivations, challenges, relationships, and lifestyles. Information you share with us is strictly confidential.


When the needs assessment work is complete, we tour your home. We evaluate the site reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your property and the effect they have on your life, explaining our specific recommendations.


You can expect your consultation to require approximately 3-4 hours. The need for follow up feng shui consultations depends on your particular situation, condition of the site and the extent of your interest.


It is our hope that your encounter with feng shui will introduce a new perspective into your life, offering a wonderful array of possibilities as to how enhance your environment by replicating nature‚Äôs harmony and balance. 

Architectural Plan Review

The very best time to incorporate feng shui principles into your site is at the pre-construction phase.  Whether you're building a new site or considering a renovation of your current space, an architectural plan review can save you time, money, and aggravation. Architectural plans that look great on paper often create environments that do not serve the needs of the business.


We will evaluate and discuss your plans, fully drawn or in the preliminary or idea stages, assessing what works and what does not. If requested we will create the sketches of suggested changes to your plan. In addition to space planning and layout, we can help you to select finish materials, lighting, and furniture,  to assure a harmonious balance of the elements.


Our expertise in combining feng shui principles and architectural design can help you invest in building projects that will look attractive and truly accomplish your goals.

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