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A.R.T. Consulting provides feng shui services for business, retail, commercial and corporate clients.  Our portfolio includes projects for hospitality, corporate facilities, and private offices, ranging in size from 600 to 150,000 square feet.

Well-balanced working environment maximizes the potential for success.  The physical space has to support the goals of the business, and increase effectiveness and level of creativity with minimum effort and less stress. 


Enhancing the potential success of the company has implications for the individual staff members and their own aims and aspirations.  Application of feng shui helps to redirect the hidden energies in the workplace so that they are acting to further a company's goals.  


Potential Feng Shui Benefits for Management

  • Harmonious, pleasant, well-balanced atmosphere
  • Improved motivation, cooperation, commitment
  • Productive teamwork & high personnel morale
  • Increased profits & better staff retnetion
  • Enhanced creativity and initiative
  • More efficient use of space

Potential Feng Shui Benefits for Personnel

  • Harmonious working environment
  • Better organized personal work space
  • Enhanced creativity, career advancement
  • Better relationships with colleagues, less stress
  • Feeling more in control, improved confidence
  • Greater sense of achievement, more job satisfaction

Feng Shui for Business


Our goal is to support your business by creating healthy and comfortable workstations, and developing an efficient flow of interaction between and among employees, customers, vendors and guests.  If your business is in the retail, hospitality or specialty services sectors, we will also examine how the public spaces in your building relate to your brand, with a special emphasis on the practical flow of the customer/guest experience.


A feng shui consultation can serve your business in any phase of development. Examples of business scenarios calling for a feng shui consultation include:

  • Business is booming, and your company’s current space is too small. We safeguard your selection of a new site, making sure that it is most beneficial for your future success.
  • You would like to expand your company. We provide strategic guidance for your expansion.
  • Your company has a specific problem, such as personnel conflicts, a decline in new business, or a decrease in revenues. We analyze the situation and provide strategies to adjust the factors causing these problems.
  • You would like to build your company building on a specific site. We help you create the right design, from inception to completion.
  • You want to create the right image for your company and establish yourself in the industry. We guide you in your image development so you are well positioned in the market.
  • Feng shui usually addresses the flow of energy through three dimensional space yet many of the same principles can be applied in two dimensions, to bring a feeling of balance and harmony to your print materials, website, signage and visual displays.

Feng Shui Consultation


A feng shui consultation provides guidance in creating a harmonious well-balanced environment to enhance all aspects of your professional life including finances, business relationships and recognition.  It is a multi-layered process that includes

  • Client Interview and Needs Assessment
  • Review of business profile and background information
  • Site evaluation
  • Analysis of organizational and business dynamics
  • Initial review of the strengths and weaknesses and their impact 
  • Initial recommendations and short term planning
  • In depth site analysis
  • Recommendation of any further adjustments
  • Long term assessment and strategic planning

Initial consultations are sometimes done in two to three visits (depending on individual client needs) one to three weeks apart. It is best to arrange a meeting during the time when there are no interruptions, and at least two hours before sunset so that we can evaluate your space in the daylight. 


In most cases we start with a 2-3 hour consultation on-site, but it is also common to start with an informational seminar for management and key employees.  If multiple design professionals are involved in the project, sometimes it is useful to schedule an initial meeting to clarify roles and discuss the workflow. 


Cost for a business feng shui consultation varies according to the clients’ needs, the square footage, scope of the project, travel if necessary and other factors.  There are many variables in a business consultation that are discussed and considered when estimating the cost for feng shui services. Please do call so we can discuss how we might be able to help you.

Architectural Plan Review

The very best time to incorporate feng shui principles into your site is at the pre-construction phase.  Whether you're building a new site or considering a renovation of your current space, an architectural plan review can save you time, money, and aggravation. Architectural plans that look great on paper often create environments that do not serve the needs of the business.


We will evaluate and discuss your plans, fully drawn or in the preliminary or idea stages, assessing what works and what does not. If requested we will create the sketches of suggested changes to your plan. In addition to space planning and layout, we can help you to select finish materials, lighting, and furniture,  to assure a harmonious balance of the elements.


Our expertise in combining feng shui principles and architectural design can help you invest in building projects that will look attractive and truly accomplish your goals.

Buildout Design


A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting team provides the assistance, guidance and recommendations required through project build-out and completion. Our experience in layout design and organizational dynamics has proven that a "feng shui smart" consultant is a beneficial asset.


Our design approach results in a project where details are orchestrated from the earliest concepts to the completed structure. It is based on establishing a working, partnership with the client throughout the project - especially in the early stages as we explore the functional requirements of the facility.


As the building concept takes shape, a schematic design is developed to delineate the basic space allocations, traffic patterns and other essential elements of the concept.

Corporate Feng Shui Seminars


A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting team offers short “lunchtime” talks, classes, and full-days intensives.  Sometimes companies sponsor feng shui presentations for their employees as a fun “perk.”  Feng shui seminars offer a new perspective for merchandising and marketing teams at large corporations. Feng shui workshops can be used as part of an overall marketing strategy for bringing people into a retail store, day spa, clinic, B&B or restaurant. 

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