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The Red Envelope Tradition


[                 The Red Envelope Ritual is a time-honored tradition within the BTB school of Feng Shui. It underlines an understanding that the Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui information is sacred and powerful. 

[                  The rectangular shape of an envelope resembles an ancient Chinese shield, and symbolizes protection from inauspicious Chi or occurrence of any negative events.  The bright red color is considered yang - representing positive, active energy, protective power and luck. In China, it is believed that a red envelope will bring good luck to the person who receives it and to the person who gives it.

[                  The Red Envelope Ritual demonstrates the recipient’s sincere intention and respect for the profound knowledge that is shared during a consultation.  It is traditional for recipients of Feng Shui advice to present the consultant with nine red envelopes - eight containing a token of monetary appreciation, and the ninth containing the consultation fee. Including money in the red envelopes signals the reality and completion of an important exchange.

[                  Nine or a variation of nine is used because the I Ching (Book of Changes) considers nine to be the strongest of all “Yang” (masculine, creative, proactive) numbers - the most powerful and perfect of all.

[                  Red Envelopes are a respectful way to complete the interaction process between the Consultant and the client.   It allows us to connect with the thousands of years of success behind the Feng Shui principles and philosophy.

[                 The exchange of red envelopes honors the ancient tradition, cultivates clarity and empowers use of information by strengthening and enhancing its effectiveness. 

Source: H.H. Professor Lin Yun, Grand Master of BTB Feng Shui