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Location, Location, Location, and.... Feng Shui

Feng Shui & Real Estate

Purchasing real estate is a complicated process because there is such a wide array of factors that need to be considered.  While trying to predict whether any particular property is a good financial investment, buyers often have difficulties visualizing themselves within a particular space.  

Incorporating feng shui knowledge into property evaluation introduces an invaluable tool that helps to determine positive and negative aspects of any property from a new perspective.   

ART Feng Shui Consulting team has extensive experience in helping individuals and businesses in determining whether a property is a good investment and also whether it is truly suitable for their needs.  

Staging and Selling a Home

They say that the first impression is the last impression. People often make their purchasing decisions based on the emotional reactions.  That is why careful and thoughtful preparation of the property is essential for achieving a quick and profitable sale.

 If you are selling real estate, A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting team will assist you in creating an attractive, well balanced environment that will impress a potential buyer, expedite the sale process and assure financial success.  

Feng Shui for Real Estate Professionals

As the awareness of feng shui increases, more real estate agents are being asked to show buyers homes with "good" feng shui. Knowledge of this ancient and highly respected philosophy is invaluable in an attempt to

  • Increase the value, marketability, and overall appeal
  • Build confidence with feng shui savvy buyers and sellers
  • Provide solutions to remedy a home's energy challenges
  • Build referrals by selling "feng shui friendly" homes

A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting offers feng shui seminars and workshops designed for real estate professionals. These educational programs help real estate brokers to

  • Understand feng shui principles and how they can benefit agents in increasing the value and marketability of a home
  • Learn feng shui terminology, key concepts, and how to apply them to a home in order to work with feng shui-savvy clients
  • Identify common feng shui challenges affecting home's appeal and learn practical and inexpensive solutions to correct them

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